Why do I need a site survey when considering Voltage Optimisation?

To fully establish the correct energy saving solution for each site, we recognise the importance of carrying out a detailed energy site survey, delivered by a qualified engineer who is able to effectively qualify the initial information gathered during the energy evaluation stage.

To ensure that the correct engineering solution is adopted for each site and guaranteed savings can be proposed on an individual site basis (not aggregate average savings) the Corospark team will carry out a energy site survey on every site. The site survey and proposal are provided at no cost to our clients.

The site survey forms an integral part of identifying the correct voltage optimisation system for a site and Corospark survey’s are split into three parts:

  1. Installation evaluationEnergy Site Survey - The installation section of the survey will look at space restrictions and circuit protection. The information from this part of the survey will be assessed to provide the client with a detailed cost for installation and to inform them where the best location is to position the Corospark voltage optimisation system on site in order to make the best energy savings.
  2. Determine the voltage profile on site - By analysing the on-site voltage profile it enables the correct voltage optimisation system and the correct optimisation settings to be identified, whilst ensuring that all equipment on site will continue to work following your installation. A minimum of six spot readings are taken on site to determine where the lowest voltage occurs, the voltage drop on the supply and if there are any voltage issues on the supply.
  3. Non-eligible load breakdown - The non-eligible load breakdown identifies the loads within a site that WILL benefit from voltage optimisation and loads within a site that will NOT benefit from voltage optimisation. The non-eligible loads are detailed to the client in the proposal and taken into consideration, along with the voltage optimisation setting, when calculating a kWh energy saving percentage. This percentage is used to calculate the payback period and Return on Investment percentage for the client.

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What a Site Survey Will Tell You...

A Voltage Optimisation Site Survey helps you immediately identify energy leakages and areas where voltage optimsation can save you up to 18% on your energy consumption.

If you are concerned about high energy costs, or you want to reduce your carbon footprint...

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