Achieving Outstanding ROI with Voltage Optimisation by Corospark Electrical Melbourne

Want to know the hidden secret to reducing your energy consumption by up to 18% that the greedy power companies wouldn't dream of telling you? Then read on...

Did you know that the average Australian business is paying through the nose for electricity they don't even use?

Here's how...

  • Incoming voltage from your provider is supplied at 247 volts on average*
  • However, the operating requirement is only 220 volts
  • Excessive voltage results in greater kVA / power demand
  • This increases your electricity bill
  • It also shortens the lifespan of your valuable equipment
  • Which increases maintenance costs
  • Everyone wins but you!

Alternatively, there is Voltage Optimisation...

  • Incoming voltage is balanced and controlled
  • It is reduced to operating requirement of 220 volts and maintained at that level
  • Your energy consumption is lowered by up to 18%
  • Your carbon footprint is less
  • And savings on your electricity bill will have Voltage Optimisation paying for itself in a short period of time

Check out this informative video...


If you are tired of paying high energy bills, or you like the idea of an energy balancing solution that compliments your carbon footprint Corospark today and arrange an obligation free Voltage Optimisation Site Survey

Here's what VO Site Survey will determine...

  • what the advantages are for your site
  • if those advantages provide a decent return on investment (ROI)
  • and when you can expect that return to materialise

You can then make an informed decision on cost versus return and whether the Corospark Voltage Optimisation Solution is in harmony with your carbon footprint strategy

To book your FREE Voltage Optimisation Site Survey....Call Corospark NOW on 1300 79 55 11

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