Solar power from Corospark Electrical

How to dramatically slash your next electricity bill while knowing you’ve done your bit to create a cleaner, greener environment for you and your family...

Renewable energy has been a hot topic for years, and most Australians want to find ways to slash energy costs while doing their bit to help preserve the environment. Corospark is a leading advocate of photo-voltaic (PV) solar power, and has installed hundreds of PV solar-energy systems across the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Corospark technicians are accredited by the Clean Energy Council for the installation of solar-power systems, and we don’t rely on subcontractors to design and install your solar-energy system. We dare to be different, so if solar power isn’t right for you, we tell you. We don’t specialise on any single technology, and our aim is to make sure you end up with the right system, not the one that makes us the most money.

Here are just a few of the benefits of solar power:

  • Free electricity from a renewable source
  • Lower electricity bills
  • Quality, long-lasting systems
  • Increased value for your property
  • No greenhouse-gas emissions
  • Valuable government-sponsored financial incentives

The Victorian Government supports solar power by ensuring a Feed-In Tariff for electricity that users feed into the grid. Domestic and commercial users with grid-connected systems not only generate free energy for their own use, they earn money by making surplus power available for others. With solar power, you are sure to reduce your electricity bills, and some consumers pay nothing at all.

We’re with you from start to finish, helping you complete the paperwork required by the government and the energy companies, and making sure you get the best possible return from your investment in solar power. If you’re considering PV solar power, talk to Corospark and get sound advice from our experts.

Solar is just one of our specialities, so call us on 1300 79 55 11 to find out more. With solar power from Corospark, you can soon be using free electricity.

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