If saving a lot money on your electricity bill is important to you, then read on…

In today’s energy-conscious times, cutting back on the amount you spend on electricity doesn’t mean going without some of life’s pleasures. Gone are the days when “energy efficiency” meant turning off your air conditioning or sitting at home in the dark!

For most Australians, energy efficiency simply means using less energy to provide the same service or achieve the same result, and that’s exactly what Corospark can help you do. We install products that can cut electricity costs substantially, and we have the experience to help you decide which ones are right for you.

Whether you’re a householder looking to spend less on domestic lighting or a business owner facing an ever-growing utility bill, Corospark can help you save. Not only are we solar-power specialists, we evaluate each new technology as it comes to market and identify the best options reduce your lighting and power costs.

We install and support a range of products and technologies that include PV solar power, LED lighting, smart switches, voltage optimisation and power factor correction. Talk to Corospark today about investing in a greener, more economical and energy-efficient future and we’ll identify the right choices for you.

Our residential customers typically achieve savings of around 80 per cent on lighting costs and see a substantial reduction in their overall electricity bill. Corospark has also helped larger organisations reduce energy costs by tens of thousands of dollars. It costs you nothing to find out how you can save – cutting your power costs is our passion.

If you want to grab some cash back from those greedy energy companies and do you bit for the environment call Corospark NOW on 1300 79 55 11 to find out how you can go green and save money too!

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