Save Money With Energy-efficient, Long Lasting LED Lighting from Corospark Electrical...

...Plus They Look Absolutely Stunning

The advantages of LED lighting are well known – LED lamps last up to 50 times as long as a regular light bulb – and LED light fittings are both affordable and widely available across Australia. LED lighting uses energy very efficiently and reduces the cost of lighting your property by up to 90 per cent. The fire risk is also substantially lower as LED lights run at much lower temperatures than conventional filament light bulbs. 

LED lamps are suitable for overhead lighting, downlighting and area lighting in residential and commercial properties – either as replacements for existing fittings or as part of a new installation. You can now install energy-efficient LED lighting from Corospark and be confident that your investment in today’s green technology is both good for the environment and economically justified.

Check the potential savings in minutes using CoroSave, our 4-step online energy-saving calculator – just enter the monthly cost of your electricity and a few details about your lighting.  If your energy usage is more complex, request an energy audit and get a cost/benefit report that shows your expected yearly savings. – see how quickly your new LED lighting pays for itself.

If you’re considering upgrading your lighting or planning a new installation, Corospark is happy to offer advice and a no-obligation quote. You’ll be amazed at the choice of stylish LED technology – including dimmable LED lights – many of which fit directly into your existing fittings.

Want a talking point next time you have some friends over for dinner, then call Corospark NOW on 1300 79 55 11 and we'll have one of our professional electricians come over and help you select from our quality range of LED lighting

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