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4 Ways Corospark Can Save You Money

Tuesday, December 23, 2014 6:13am

As electricity costs continue to soar, just opening your bill every month can be painful. That’s why at Corospark, we strive to stand out from our competition. We work hard to make sure your home or business is as energy-efficient as it can possibly be, saving you every available dollar of your hard-earned money.

4 Ways Corospark Can Save You Money

Energy Saver Audit

The Corospark difference begins with our complimentary Energy Saver Audit. One of our Green Certified Electricians will analyse your current system and provide information on quick, easy-to-implement steps that will begin lowering your power bill immediately. Should you require electrical work at the time, your electrician will quote you an upfront price and, if desired, complete the job while already on site.

Voltage Optimisation

In Australia, our supply is normally around 247 volts, but our appliances and devices only need 220 volts to operate. That oversupply can lead to all kinds of problems, especially for commercial customers who have lots of plant equipment & large power bills.

Overvoltage, or having too much voltage coming in, causes devices to heat up, which can shorten their life span, in turn costing you money for replacements. It also causes each electrical item to draw more power, potentially wasting as much as 23% in unneeded electricity. Of course, the cost of that extra electricity comes out of your pocket.

Voltage optimisation reduces your incoming voltage to approximately 220, ensuring that you are not subject to spikes and sags. This reduces your carbon footprint, prevents you from wasting energy, and reduces your electric bill by up to 23%. With our Corospark installations at the time of writing, we have found an average savings of 13.7% on all sites.

Corospark offers a free voltage optimisation survey to determine what advantages voltage optimisation could provide, what sort of return on investment (ROI) you would likely see, and how long it would take for the ROI to appear after factoring in the cost of the system. All free site surveys offer guaranteed savings so you can be sure about your investment.

Solar Panel Installation

Solar power is a smart choice for many residential and commercial consumers seeking a solution to the high cost of electrical service. Even if you do not generate all of your own power, solar energy is free once the system is paid for. Any energy that you generate from your solar system is less energy that you have to buy from someone else. Although the current feed in tariff is low, a correctly sized solar power system customised to your usage habits can offer an attractive return on investment.

Before Corospark ever installs the first solar panel, we perform a thorough site investigation to determine your existing usage patterns. We check for voltage optimisation and lighting choices, among other factors, to ensure that we install the properly-sized system for you. Our solar experts also look at the physical layout of your property including roof orientation, how big an area is available for solar panel installation, and at what angles the panels would need to be installed.

LED Lighting

LED lighting has become a hot new trend, and for very good reason. LED bulbs burn much cooler than traditional filament bulbs, dramatically reducing the risk for fire. They can also save you a great deal of money, as they reduce the cost of lighting by up to 90 percent and last an average of 50 times as long as traditional bulbs.

At Corospark, we believe that LED lighting is a great choice for all of our customers. We will provide a detailed cost-benefit report on your potential savings as part of your complimentary Energy Audit. We also assess your lighting as part of our extensive site survey before installing solar panels.

LED bulbs are now available in a mind-boggling array of styles, and many fit directly into your existing fittings. Should you decide to make the switch to LED, our professional electricians are happy to work closely with you to choose your LED bulbs and design your overall lighting scheme.

Corospark strives to save you money with customised solutions that are tailor made to offer you maximum energy reduction with the best value for your money

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