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Voltage Optimisation: Dealing with Overvoltage Issues in Melbourne

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 10:00am

With the exception of the United States, most of the world is on a 220 volt electrical system. Despite recent claims of having lowered their voltage to 230V, Australia is still running a 240 volt grid. There have been reports of figures as high as 260 volts being experienced in certain parts of Victoria. The Australian Power Network claim to have reduced the voltage and in 2000, Standards Australia adopted a 230V grid across the entire country. This change provided a tolerance of +10% and -6%, which is consistent with the International Standard for deviance in electrical power.  However, with reports of up to 260 volts running through businesses, this change in voltage has clearly not been implemented

Voltage Fluctuations Are Dangerous 

This is where voltage optimisation comes in. Essentially, it is not a new technology as such. It has been in use in countries such as Japan for more than 17 years. Across Australia, the supply of electricity is not without problems, particularly due to voltage fluctuations. The result is electricity supply at a higher voltage more than is required. The excess power supply should concern any business owner; even if it is not used by appliances and machines, you still have to pay for the power. In turn, the life expectancy of the equipment is reduced due to the excess voltage. With a voltage optimisation unit, voltage is maintained without fluctuation at the most optimum level. 

Energy consumption is in turn reduced while the supply is not compromised, lowering maintenance costs and guaranteeing the lifespan of the machine or appliance. Most machines and appliances across Australia are made to work at 220V, yet the power is supplied at around 250V. Melbourne companies will definitely benefit from the huge savings that follow an implementation of voltage optimisation units. 

High Voltage Destroys Electrical Equipment and Machines 

A light bulb designed to run on 220 volts will burn out considerably faster if run on 240V or 250V. The filament is not designed to deal with such a high voltage and may melt because of the undue power being put through it.  The same, on a more complex level, holds true for industrial machines, motors and almost all electrical appliances. This is especially relevant when the voltage changes as much as it does in Australia. Many businesses experience abnormal voltage across the board sometimes with peaks of up to 260V. These surges in power are not only costly, but are also dangerous and harmful to electrical equipment and machines. 

Huge Savings with Optimised Voltage

Throughout Australia, electrical companies have begun the process of voltage optimisation where the electrical mains in industries and commercial buildings are regulated to only provide the voltage actually required to run the equipment. This process reduces a business’ electrical bill by up to 18%, keeping machines running for longer in an environmentally friendly manner. In effect, the main electrical supply for the establishment is reduced to 220 volts, which for the average Australian business running 247 volts translates to a 12% decrease in electrical consumption.

There is no reason to believe that the Australian Power Network will reduce the voltage anytime soon. They have failed to do so for the past 14 years since the voltage was officially lowered. To implement a lower voltage system, the grid would have to be reworked to provide more reliability and overall coverage. 

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Apart from the obvious benefit voltage optimisation has for commercial machines and appliances, there are environmental benefits, which cannot be overlooked. Most people are becoming increasingly aware of their energy consumption and the impact it has on the environment. Our consumption of electricity forms a significant part of total power consumption and it is an area where large amounts of power are being wasted for no good reason. Limiting our supply of electricity to 220 volts is an easy and efficient way of reducing our carbon footprint.

In a nutshell, voltage optimisation is the best solution for optimum returns on investment and savings and can be carried out on each and every commercial or industrial site. In turn, the business will enjoy minimum savings of between 12% and 15% with a normal payback period of less than three years. Voltage optimization has no recorded failures ensuring 100% reliability. The technology will tackle any issue of poor quality of power while ensuring your equipment serves your business for a longer time.

Corospark is currently offering voltage optimisation to commercial and industrial customers across Melbourne and its surrounding areas. Call today to book your FREE Voltage Optimisation Site Survey. We can be reached on 1300 79 55 11.


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